icsi cnss certified network security specialist

ICSI CNSS – Certified Network Security Specialist.

What is ICSI CNSS?

This course by the International Cybersecurity Institute – Certified Network Security Specialist a.k.a ICSI CNSS provides a detailed overview of modern network security including operating system hardening, firewalls, intrusion-detection systems, VPNs, and Encryption. The course also includes topics such as physical security standards, system security, and security policies.

I have finally completed the 13 modules of the course. It took me a long time to complete because of a busy schedule, but this course can be completed easily within 2 months.

The course structure was brilliantly designed for basic to intermediate learners and the contents were good too. There were a few quizzes we had to pass before we get a certificate. The term Certificate of Attendance” bothers me a lot, as I have given an exam after each module to get this certificate, it should have mentioned “Certificate of Completion” but nevermind.

What was the ICSI CNSS syllabus?

What all modules I have studied?

Module 1 : Introduction to Network Security

Module 2 : Types of Attacks

Module 3 : Fundamentals of Firewalls

Module 4 : Intrusion Detection System

Module 5 : Fundamentals of Encryption

Module 6 : Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Module 7 : Operation System Hardening

Module 8 : Virus Attacks and How To Defend

Module 9 : Security Policies

Module 10 : Assessing System Security

Module 11 : Security Standards

Module 12 : Physical Security and Recovery

Module 13 : Attackers Techniques

Course Name: ICSI | Certified Network Security Specialist (CNSS)
Course By: International Cyber Security Institute (ICSI) , United Kingdom
Date: 25 February 2021
Duration: Self Paced
Verification Link: Click here to verify authenticity.

icsi cnss certified network security specialist