Introduction to a

crazy computer enthusiast

I’m seeking to leverage exemplary data scientific, analytical, communication, and coding skills. I also have a strong desire of getting exposed to an astringent work environment as it is the beginning of my career.

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Who am I?

I am Shaswat Manoj Jha, and here are a few points about me.

  • I’m primarily an inquisitive and energetic computer science enthusiast skilled in data analytics, with a strong foundation in statistics, probability, machine learning, and python coding.
  • I’m pursuing a dual degree; B. Tech in Computer Science and B.Sc. in Data Science and Programming.
  • I have more than a year of coding experience on online platforms, two of the most common of which are Codechef and HackerEarth.
  • In addition to the facts mentioned above, I also have an excellent grasp of Computer Networking and Cybersecurity concepts and related tools such as Burp Suite, SQLMap, and Maltego.
  • I am familiar with crucial data analytical tools and libraries like Microsoft Excel, Pandas, Matplotlib, Power BI.
  • I like to interact and collaborate with different intellectual computer professionals around the globe.
  • I Love fixing problems that challenge my creative and critical thinking skills.
  • I am flexible & adaptable for working within strict conditions under harsh circumstances.
  • I am comfortable working with various computer operating systems, including Kali Linux and Ubuntu.
  • I believe my quick learning ability and computer inquisitiveness make an ideal combination, which keeps pushing me forward in Computer Science.