Shaswat Advanced Excel Internshala Certificate

4 Weeks Advanced Excel Training – Internshala Trainings.

About the Training

This course started from very basic and went to advanced level of Microsoft Excel. It was a complete 1 month training with 4 assignments and 1 project.

The course can be broadly classified into the following topics:

  1. Getting Started with Excel
  2.  Interface & Terminology
  3. Excel Worksheets / Ribbon / Quick Access Toolbar
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts
  5. Multiple Worksheets
  6. Find & Replace
  7. Sheet Protection
  8. Printing & Page Layout
  9. Formulas & Functions
  10.  Data Sorting / Filtering
  11.  Conditional Formatting
  12. What-If Analysis
  13. Pivot Tables



Project Name : Business analysis for Food2Go
Use Excel to help a food technology startup analyze its marketing campaigns, popularity of different cuisines, restaurants with poor customer support, and several other business problems.

Course Name: Advanced Microsoft Excel Training
Course By: Internshala Trainings
Date: 15th May, 2020 – 14th June, 2020
Duration: 4 Weeks
Marks Obtained: 84%
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Shaswat Advanced Excel Internshala Certificate